I come from a small, rural town called Glenwood and was lucky enough to grow up on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota.

With a little courage in me, I came to the big, scary city of Minneapolis and attended the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology program from 1990 to 1994 – including some later Masters-related work in the following years. With my Mechanical Engineering degree, I learned my chops at TSI Incorporated in St. Paul and later moved to some exciting times in the semiconductor industry with August Technology (now owned by Rudolph Technology). I have also worked in the medical device industry as an Engineering Manager at American Medical Systems – focused on systems and processes that are used to develop new surgical solutions. I returned to the semiconductor industry with Air Liquide America for a brief stint producing chemical blending and dispensing systems used in the fab sub-floors.

My current career has me focused on the electrical utility industry, providing SCADA and control systems for large-scale systems throughout the US and the world.

I live in the typical suburban standards found in Plymouth, MN. This location on the western edge of the Twin Cities allows me to enjoy a good bicycle ride from the convenience of my house. Thus, you may find an assortment of bike-related content on the site - mainly photos that I take while on my various rides through the Orono, Medina, Hamel, and Minnetonka countrysides.

I’m also a little crazy for photography and am seldom at a location without a camera in-hand. Each of the posts feature my images, with a dedicated category for when I try to be serious about the art form.


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