Jeremy Jenum

I’m a born/raised Minnesotan with a silly accent like that which you heard in the movie Fargo. There is lots of Scandinavian blood running through my veins and, try as I might, I continue to exhibit all of the classic, stoic characteristics of this heritage.

I come from a small, rural town called Glenwood and was lucky enough to grow up on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota.


With a little courage in me, I came to the big, scary city of Minneapolis and attended the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology program from 1990 to 1994 – including some later masters-related work in the areas of particle science and medical device management. With my mechanical engineering degree, I learned my design and fabrication chops at TSI Incorporated in St. Paul and later moved to some exciting times in the semiconductor industry with August Technology (now owned by Rudolph Technology). I have since worked in medical device manufacturing as well as the bulk, high-purity chemical distribution industry before settling down in my current career as an engineering director with a software company specializing in complex control system for the electrical utility industry.

I live on the western edge of Minneapolis in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood. As you can likely tell from browsing this blog – I enjoy a good bicycle ride, well-cooked photo, traveling, family, and the assorted opportunity to take a photo.

I’m also a little crazy for photography and am seldom at a location without a camera in-hand. Each of the posts feature my images

Feel free to look around and enjoy. If you have a need to find me, here are some useful ways:

  • address is 1108 Washburn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

  • simple email is

  • my Twitter username is jeremyjenum

  • I have a Flickr page with a few favorite photos.

  • view my professional accomplishments at my Linked In profile