Wall Lettuce

As a hobby photographer, I don't think of my photos as existing in a large, physical scale. Most interaction with the photos comes in the form of on-screen viewing, like this website. Our modern, digital approach to photos means we seldom think of photos outside of the world of Instagram viewing on a 4 inch cell phone screen.

Thus, it was fun to move into a house with open wall space in our kitchen that asked for a splash of color easily fulfilled by some of my food-based photos. The prior year, I had taken photos of assorted lettuces that Nancy and I grew in the community garden plot at my company. 

Turning the photos into physical prints was a new experience for me. I chose to use Nations Photo Lab, based on reputation and some smaller-scale images I've printed in the past. After some back-n-forth regarding color edits, I was super happy with the results and the images have become a showcase for the house.